Downtown Durham, North Carolina has experienced an amazing transformation in the last decade.  However, further improvement is limited by "the loop," a one-way , multi-lane thoroughfare designed for fast-moving car traffic.  The loop is a significant physical and psychological barrier to the downtown area - it constricts movement of bicycles and pedestrians, and creates forbidding 'dead zones' without commercial enterprises or street-level activity.  By converting the loop to a two-way street, Durham can improve bicycle and pedestrian access to downtown, create more fluid connections with adjacent neighborhoods, and continue to bring vitality and life to downtown Durham.  Fixing the loop is a critical element in maintaining Durham's economic growth, sustainability, and livability.

We are Durham residents who support transforming the loop.  Join us to advocate for this vital project!  Email us at futureoftheloop@gmail.com to be added to our mailing list.

Image courtesy of D.L. Anderson.

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